Age birth to 2

Play and Share with Each Other!

With your child, model taking turns playing with building blocks, puzzles and playdough.
Age 3 to 5

Work Together!

On a large sheet of paper, have your child trace another as s/he lies down and stretches out her/his arms. After the tracing is finished, both can fill in the details as they work together.
Then the child who was traced can outline their partner.
Display the tracings together and point out that the kids couldn't have made them without helping each other.


Birth to 3
9:15 to 10:30 AM
Oak-Leyden Developmental Services
411 Chicago Ave.
Oak Park

Play Group

Developmental and speech therapists lead engaging, all-abilities activities for parents to do with their children birth - 3 years old. Learn about milestones, get helpful advice on how to teach and entertain your little one, and find fun, supportive network of parents and caregivers. FREE, drop-in.
Birth to 5
1:30 to 2:30 PM
120 Madison
Oak Park

Parent/Child Obstacle Course

Work together to finish fun parent/child activities, including an obstacle course. See how to use household items to work on matching, moving, and teamwork. FREE, drop-in.
All ages
10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Wonder Works Children's Museum
6445 W. North Ave.
Oak Park


Liter-Architect-ly: Build Together at Wonder Works where we will be reading books like Iggy Peck Architect and then will build collaboratively with our friends and caregivers! Pictures of homes around the world will be provided to encourage children to see what kind of houses are designed and built around the world.

Read Every Day!

Visit your local library for more activities and book recommendations!