8th Annual Symposium

We Can Work It Out — Promoting Social-Emotional Competence in Young Children

February 26, 2011

The ability to develop positive relationships with others, identify, express and manage emotions, and develop a positive self-concept, enables children to learn and experience success in school and in life.

Brain Development, Early Attachment and their Roots of Empathy

Workshop #1
Susan Gittings

Feeling Tongue-Tied? Using Picture Books to Tackle Tough Topics

Workshop #4
Jennifer Norborg

Imaginary Creatures: The Role of Play in Building Empathy and Community

Workshop #6
Joan Bradbury

STAND Up Against Bullying: An Empowerment Approach

Workshops #8 & #16
Kila Bell-Bey, Lori Janu-Chossek & Susan Mura

Team Building for Children: Developing Community and Cooperation

Workshop #9 & #18
Gary Stockmann & Phyllis Tresselt

What is Executive Function and Why is it So Important?

Workshop #10
Ellen Tanner

The Importance of Motor Development in Infancy and Beyond

Workshop #13
Dr. Sean Manning