10th Annual Symposium

Community: Building Relationships in Early Childhood

February 23, 2013

Nurturing all types of relationships (among staff, among children, among families and more) is an important step in building a foundation for success of young children and their families.

Developmental Milestones (Birth – 5 Years): Watch and Help Me Grow – Connecting Parents, Teachers and Children Around Development

Christine Davis

Working with Muslim Families with Young Children

Jean Mendoza & Elham Al-Hind

Creating Well-Being So You Connect With Others

Ellen Tanner

Positive Interactions to Promote Your Classroom Community with Families and Students

Carisa Alvarado, Marian Moore-Rounds & Kira Smith

Child's Play: Storytelling and Dramatic Play

Mary Quest

Engaging Children, Teachers and Parents with Their Community: Ideas from Reggio Emilia and the Project Approach

Jean Mendoza