11th Annual Symposium

PLAY is FUNdamental: Empowering Young Children Through Active Exploration

February 22, 2014

Realizing that play is not always about the end product, activities focused on the process of play and on getting all involved in play: parents, teachers, caregivers, providers and children.

Using 101 Principles for Positive Guidance in Play-based Programs to Support Children's Success

Marie Masterson

Dancing Feet

Carole Peterson Stephens

The Basics of Storytelling

Sarah Valaika

Puppets Can Do More Than Bite

Judi Gibian-Mennenga

The Power of Play: Increase Your Own C.Q. (Creativity Quotient)

Janis Clark Johnston

Dance a Book

Marcey Siegel

Children at Play! What Does it Mean for the Development of Children?

LaRhonda Griffin

Toe-Tapping Toddler Tunes with Miss Carole

Carole Peterson Stephens

How to Create a FUN and Effective Exercise Program for Preschoolers

Lannette Wolford