12th Annual Symposium

The Dance of Diversity: Meeting the Unique Needs of Every Child

February 21, 2015

Diversity is much more than a discussion of race and ethnicity. It includes everything from special needs, learning styles, family structures and so much more.

Adapting the Learning Enviroment through the use of verbal, visual and tactile cues in order to meet the diverese needs of students

Lauren Argruss & Katie Malone

Walking in the Shoes of a Struggling Learner

Julia Nelson

Grow Your Brain with Brain Gym

Barbara Bednarz

Temperament of Infants & Toddlers

LaRhonda Griffin

Is Everyone Listening and Learning? Teaching Diverse Learners

Jan Johnston

The Deepest Message: Exploring Emotional Culture of our Early Childhood Education Programs

Kelly Matthews

Stay Away Itchy Foods

Sarah Valaika