13th Annual Symposium

Turning Obstacles into Opportunities: Navigating the Tough Stuff

February 27, 2016

The only constants in life are problems; obstacles that are dreaded. These obstacles hamper our ability to move from point A to B smoothly. If we look at obstacles as opportunities we can look at these challenges in a different way. Our day covers the tough topics like development, temperament, staff, stress, communication and more.

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View a video of Holly Elissa Bruno's keynote speech.

Stress is Not Your Enemy: Create a Stress-is-Enhancing Mindset

Janis Johnston

Making Tough Stuff Typical: Using Children's Literature to Navigate the Realities of Modern Life

Jane Fleming & Lisa Ginet

The Basics of Special Education in ECE: Abilities Rather than Disabilities

Judi Gibbian-Mennenga

Brain Development: Building, Supporting and Advocating

Susan Gittings

Hurdling Over Obstacles with Engaging STEM

Jill Pacyna

Supporting Brain Development

Mary Quest

Difficult Conversations: A Practical Problem Solving Session

Lauren Olson

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