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Each child develops on his/her own timeline and not all children meet each milestone at the same time. The milestones listed in the guides below provide a timeline for when most children master these skills. Some children will gain several new motor skills without developing new language skills or vice versa. This is typical as long as the child begins to master new skills in the other areas within a month or two.

Children frequently learn through imitation and modeling, so provide many examples of the behavior that you would like to see from your child. If you have concerns about your child’s development, share them with your child’s physician, providing specific examples of what your child does well and when your child seems to struggle.

See Is My Child’s Development on Track? for additional information.

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0-3 Months


3-6 Months


6-9 Months


9-12 Months


12-18 Months
(1 – 1.5 Years)


18-24 Months
(1.5 – 2 Years)


24-30 Months
(2 – 2.5 Years)


30-36 Months
(2.5 – 3 Years)


36-42 Months
(3 – 3.5 Years)


42-48 Months
(3.5 – 4 Years)


48-54 Months
(4 – 4.5 Years)


54-60 Months
(4.5 – 5 Years)


Always talk to your child's doctor at any age if your child...

- Uses one side of his/her body more than the other
- Does not appear interested in interacting with familiar adults or peers
- Loses speech, motor or social skills that he/she previously had
- Covers ears for a sound that is unexpected
- Tilts head in order to see objects
- Brings books close to his/her face when reading
- Does not imitate sounds or actions
- Does not respond when his/her name is called

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