Every day, the Collaboration for Early Childhood works to ensure that children, parents, and early care providers have the resources they need so children enter kindergarten eager to learn and ready to succeed.

As we come to the end of another busy year, we reflect on how fortunate we are to live in a community such as Oak Park, where more than 60 partner organizations and all the public agencies connect to provide families, especially our most vulnerable ones, with a web of support during the early childhood years.

We work with 30 partners to provide developmental (including social-emotional) screenings for more than 1,500 children and ensure they receive any needed services as soon as possible.

We provide professional development training and coaching to early childhood providers to improve competencies and increase program quality.

We inform families about resources and how to connect to them.

We provide home-based support to parents of infants and toddlers who are eligible for services.

We work with local physicians to ensure that they have the resources and information to partner effectively with early childhood providers.

And we assist school administrators and physicians with sharing information about the referral process for preschool special education in the Oak Park and River Forest school districts.

Because of our work together with partners, supporters, and collaborators like you, parents have a cohesive early childhood team providing insight into their child with the resources to help their child thrive.

Thank you.

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