The Collaboration for Early Childhood has been selected to be one of four partner communities for Erikson Institute’s Early Development Instrument (EDI). This exciting opportunity brings together policy and program representatives from District 97, District 200, the Village of Oak Park, the Oak Park Public Library, the Park District of Oak Park, Oak Park Township, Success of All Youth, our research partner Chapin Hall, and many community partners, child care providers and parents.

This team will look at results from a survey of kindergartners that covers areas such as physical health, social competence, emotional maturity, language development, and communication skills.

Next spring, we will have greater insight on how our community can better support families before they enter the school system at age 5 in order to make policy changes or realign resources.

What is the EDI Pilot Project?

Through generous funding from the Robert R. McCormick Foundation, Erikson is partnering with select Illinois communities to implement the EDI through a three phase pilot.  Erikson supports community partners in the form of coaching, technical assistance, and resources to implement the EDI, analyze the results, and develop action plans to improve the development of young children, including school readiness.

In fall 2016 Erikson launched the EDI pilot project by selecting two community partners for phase one of the pilot: Success by 6 Coalition in Kankakee County and Greater East St. Louis Early Learning Partnership & AOK Network.  In spring 2017 two additional community partners were selected for phase two: Austin Coming Together and Collaboration for Early Childhood in Oak Park. While over 50 communities across the United States have implemented the EDI, this was the first time the tool has been used in Illinois.

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Learn more about the EDI from Erikson Institute.

As part of this project, we’re asking Oak Park residents to draw their immediate neighborhoods. What do you think of as your stomping ground?

If you would like to add your neighborhood, draw on this map.

Look for the painting tool in the upper right corner. Use that to draw a rough outline of what you consider to be your neighborhood. When you’re done, either take a screenshot or print to a PDF.

Then email it back to us.

Thank you!

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