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Parenting Resource Program
Request for Application – Chicago Parent Program

Background: Founded in 2002 by all six of Oak Park’s governing bodies, the Collaboration for Early Childhood is a public/private partnership that leverages the resources of more than 75 local agencies to promote the development of a comprehensive, community-wide system of high-quality programs and services to foster physical, cognitive and social-emotional development during the critical first five years of life.

The Collaboration’s Parenting Resource Program (PRP) provides a range of parenting tools, resources and evidence-based programming to help parents be their child’s first and most important teacher. This continuum of service allows PRP to leverage community partners and meet the demand of parenting needs. In the 2016 Parenting Resource Program Recommendation and Strategic Framework, parents shared a desire for more socialization opportunities and more parent education programs.

Parent education programs focus on enhancing parenting behaviors, such as, positive discipline techniques, learning age-appropriate child development skills and promoting positive play and interaction between parents and children. Implementing a parent education program will fill a gap in services for parents who would benefit from a more focused approach than a single workshop but are not eligible for or do not want to participate in home visiting services.

The purpose of this Request for Application funding is to implement an evidence-based parenting program to reach families with young children in Oak Park in River Forest, (1) to increase parents’ confidence in parenting skills; and (2) to provide parents and caregivers the opportunity to connect with other families that also parent young children.

Brief Description and Funding Opportunities: The Collaboration for Early Childhood (Collaboration) seeks vendors to provide The Chicago Parent Program (CPP) for three years. There are two opportunities for funding. Vendors may apply for funding at either opportunity but not both. Vendors who have staff trained in CPP are encouraged to apply to participate in either opportunity.

If you are interested in applying for either opportunity, please contact:
Jennifer Little, Parenting Resource Coordinator
Collaboration for Early Childhood – / 708.613.6122

Please review these two documents for full details:

Notice: Request for Application – Chicago Parent Program (PDF)

Chicago Parent Program Overview (PDF)


These videos provide more information about the Chicago Parent Program:

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[cs_video column_size=”1/2″ cs_video_section_title=”The Chicago Parent Program: Making a Difference for Parents of Young Children” video_url=”” video_width=”500″ video_height=”250″][/cs_video]

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