This is the third of our three-part resource series. Read our previous posts: “How to Talk to Your Child About the News” and “Continue Dr. Martin Luther King’s Legacy — Talk to your Child.”

Children look to their caregivers/parents for a sense of security and as a guide through difficult experiences. They will closely watch and mirror the emotions of their caregivers. This is why it is important to stick to routines and maintain a peaceful and predictable environment, especially after a child has experienced something bad or scary.

Below are articles about trauma and traumatic stress, and ways to avoid it if possible. When early childhood trauma isn’t addressed, it will impact a child’s learning and health. Learn more below.

If you are a local provider and would like training or support on how to better help a child who has experienced trauma, please reach out to us. Our Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant may be able to help you.

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