Parents, you are your child’s first and most important teacher. The Collaboration empowers you to be just that through monthly workshops, a collection of resources, and parent leadership opportunities. Today, we wanted to let you know about…

Parenting Workshops starting this fall! For parents and caregivers of children ages 2-5. 

There is no one correct way to raise children. Parenting Workshops use the Chicago Parent Program model because it is structured in a way that is respectful to parents’ ideas and values.

In the Parenting Workshop series, parents learn to clarify what they truly value as a caregiver and identify the behaviors they want to reinforce in their children. The Workshops help parents be the best parent they can be and, in the process, promote healthy development in their children. Over the course of 12 weeks, parents and caregivers will acquire a range of strategies and gain parenting confidence while also meeting and learning from other parents and caregivers raising young children in the community. This happens through videos, group discussion, role play, and practice activities. 

“This program was very helpful in developing coping as well as positive parenting skills. The videos, the discussions + the activities were very helpful…”  – recent participant

The weekly sessions are delivered by trained group leaders from Easterseals, Future Leaders Learning Center, and Oak-Leyden. Interested in joining one of the fall cohorts? Workshops are starting the second week of September on Zoom and are open to all parents and caregivers of children ages 2-5. You can choose from two workshop times:

Contact Michelle for questions and to RSVP by calling 312-405-4822, or emailing:

“More than anything it was helpful to connect with other parents, hear their struggles and learn from their successful endeavors as parents/caregivers.” – recent participant

A little background on the Parenting Workshops

Easterseals, Partnering with Parents, has been leading the Parenting Workshops for three years. Since starting in September 2018, over 50 local parents and caregivers have successfully completed the majority of the workshops. Every year, the Collaboration, Easterseals, and community partners offer two to three workshop cohorts. Eleven local professionals have also successfully completed the Chicago Parent Program facilitator training, and four have become certified group leaders. We are proud to be a community that values the art of parenting and all the different ways that can look in our diverse and wonderful families. Here at the Collaboration, we envision a community where every child thrives. We do that by championing early childhood learning experiences and care. We also do that by supporting families and caregivers to be their child’s first and best teacher. 

“Group leaders displayed exceptional knowledge about skills to help with parenting & program solving techniques. Really appreciate the units about ‘stress’ & ‘problem-solving’.” – recent participant

The need to implement a parenting skills workshops series came from a recommendation in the 2016 Parenting Resource Program Strategic Framework. This workshop series helps build a multi-method approach in the Collaboration’s Family Engagement program area in order to meet the full range of parent and caregiver needs and interests, and engage the Collaboration partners throughout the community. In addition to the two fall cohorts, there will be another cohort starting in early 2022. Stay tuned for more information by subscribing to our Parenting Resource Program Newsletter

You can learn more about upcoming workshops and events by visiting our events page, and you can find a variety of resources to support you on your parenting journey on our Parent Resources page. Looking for something else? Fill out the contact form below.


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