There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about. – Margaret Wheatley

So much has happened this program year. There is a lot to worry about but there is also a lot to celebrate. We celebrate the hard-fought progress that occurred in our preschool classrooms and we shine a spotlight on one of the most important assets in our community: our early childhood educators. On a normal day, our early childhood educators teach our children crucial social-emotional skills that equip them to learn and thrive in a world that is sometimes characterized by struggle and change.

These past two years, early childhood educators did work that was, quite frankly, superhuman. They cared for our children throughout the pandemic so that families could return to work. They navigated safety guidelines and ran their small business, all the while insulating children from the stressors that have dominated much of life since 2020. Their tenacity and passion is a gift to our community. They are a sign of hope that one day everything will be okay in the world.

The Collaboration believes in the the work that happens in our early childhood programs. We need your support to ensure that these magical environments are protected learning spaces for all of our children. Your donation will help us:

  • Support the capacity of our community systems and partners to successfully transition children into kindergarten.
  • Create strategic learning opportunities for providers that can be utilized in the classroom the very next day.
  • Build sustainable systems of support to help programs retain and nurture children in classrooms despite the multitude of stressors and challenges that families may be facing.

Miraculous growth takes place in a young child’s brain even before they are born. We cannot look to the future without first supporting the very people who are shaping our future generations. We have put years of work into the relationship we have with the early childhood educators in our community. They believe in us, and we in turn believe in you. Together we can make a difference in the lives of our children, one classroom at a time. Please give generously. Here is an opportunity to see real change come from your donation.


We welcome you to give in honor or in tribute of a champion for children. They will be acknowledged in our window display and website and will be sent a celebratory message.

In partnership,

John Borrero

Executive Director
Collaboration for Early Childhood

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