Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday falls right as the new year gets underway. It’s a time when many of us return to our regular routines after holiday breaks, a little fresher, and perhaps with new intentions or goals set for the new year. Each new year brings a renewed feeling of hope and potential. Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King’s life and legacy each year on his birthday teaches us that we can work together to achieve better communities. His spirit gives us the momentum to carry the hopes for unity forward into action.

Dr. King teaches us that in addition to personal and family goals that we may be striving to achieve, we can become active participants in causes that are bigger than ourselves. Many of his famous words are etched into our national consciousness, but there is one quote that we carry with us in our work here at the Collaboration for Early Childhood:

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

To flip that statement on its head, our lives begin the day we speak out about the things that matter. Children, families, educators, health professionals, and caregivers matter to us. We hope this year that you fight for what matters to you and your community. And if early childhood matters to you, let’s connect to deepen our impact in 2023!

The important work of breaking down inequitable systems and thinking about our role in making things better is year-round work. There are a lot of wonderful ways you can expand the celebration of Dr. King’s life and impact this year. Here are a few that we have compiled, many of which are family-friendly!

Here are a few more opportunities that can be explored anytime to keep you inspired, and to keep you thinking.

Do you know of others that we are missing? Let us know! Email info@collab4kids.org.

Photo credit: flickr user wasfiakab and The Saint Louis Art Museum.

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