Teacher Appreciation Week starts on May 8 and Provider Appreciation Day is on Friday, May 12!

Depending on who you ask out in the world, our community of early childhood educators are called day care providers, child care workers, caregivers and preschool teachers. But no matter what you call these superstars, guess what? They are teachers first and foremost. So, as we celebrate elementary, middle and high school teachers, let’s also spread the love to our early childhood professionals who support children’s long term success by providing care and guidance during their early years!

We’ve gathered a few ideas to help you and your child celebrate the educators in your lives.

    • Just say thank you. A heartfelt thank you at pick-up or drop-off may feel like a small gesture, but it means a lot. Simply being seen and acknowledged matters. Share what your child has learned and how much they have progressed thanks to their teacher. Let them know how much they matter.
    • Celebrate on social media! Write a post or record a short video giving a shout-out to the teacher(s) in your life. You can become a part of the national conversation by using the hashtags #ThankATeacher and #ThankYouChildCare. Tag us and we will reshare your message to the Oak Park and River Forest community! (Our social media is here: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn)
    • Support local and state policies that advance early childhood care and education. We know there are many, many issues to get behind to help make our world a better place. Please consider supporting and prioritizing initiatives that strengthen the early childhood community. The Collaboration for Early Childhood envisions communities where every young child has the care, relationships, and resources needed to thrive and to begin school safe, healthy, and empowered to succeed. We know that by adequately compensating our early childhood educators, and by making child care accessible to all, we are ensuring our kids are getting what they need to take on our changing world.

The Children’s School shares the below suggestions with families to appreciate their teachers all week long. They are great ideas that any parent can use to celebrate their teachers!

Monday – have your child make a card or drawing for the teacher/provider

Tuesday – bring in a flower or plant (from the store or your yard or even a homemade paper flower)

Wednesday – create some original artwork or a poem

Thursday– send in a homemade treat or goodies

Friday – pamper your teacher/provider with a small lotion or hand soap, small gift card for coffee/tea, or a coupon to help/volunteer

Do you have other ideas that you would like to see shared here to make Teacher Appreciation Week even better? Let us know! 

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