Some very exciting events took place on the morning of Saturday, October 28 that we would like to tell you about.

Costume Parade

At 10:00 a.m., 345 kids, babies and their parents & caregivers paraded in costume around Scoville Park. The parade was led by Mary Reynolds, Executive Director of the Collaboration for Early Childhood, Vicki Scaman, Oak Park Village President (dressed as a fabulous witch) and Cece, the Collaboration’s flying pig mascot (dressed as a princess). To say the costumes in the parade were creative is the understatement of the year. Some of the things we saw included a dog dressed up as a lion, a vampire family, a firetruck stroller ridden by a Dalmatian baby with a fire mom and a fire fighter dad-son duo, a pigeon on a bus (who let him drive that bus!?) and so much more! Paul Goyette took as many photos as he could of all the costumes and you can see them here

Early Childhood Resource Fair

After the parade, families were invited into the main branch of the Oak Park Public Library to learn about local early learning programs and enrichment at the Early Childhood Resource Fair. Roughly 500 people came through the Resource Fair, and we were so pumped to have so many local partners there to share their expertise and connect with families! The full list of participants is:

  • Early Learning Programs: Pilgrim Community Nursery School, First United Nursery School, The Day Nursery, River Forest Community Center, West Suburban Home Daycare Association, Kid Crew Adventures Early Childhood Program, Glasser Preschool
  • School Aged Programs: Ascension School, Mathnasium
  • Parent/Caregiver Support: Partnering with Parents, Mindful Family Management
  • Prenatal and New Parent/Caregiver Support: OPRF Doula Services, In Touch Pediatrics and Lactation
  • Partner Organizations: Birth to Five Illinois, Illinois Action for Children, Park District of Oak Park, Oak Park Public library
  • Child Development Support: Oak Leyden Children’s Services, Kids Unlimited Therapy Services LLC, Pop Pediatric Therapy
  • Health Providers: Department of Public Health Oak Park, Little Teeth Big Smiles Children’s Dentistry, Children’s Clinic Oak Park (IWS), CEDA WIC Oak Park
  • Family Resources: Sarah’s Inn, Beyond Hunger, CAYR Connections, Empower Family Therapy
  • Recreation/Enrichment Programs: Schoolhouse Kitchen, Buddha Belly Kids Yoga, FIT4MOM, School of Rock , West Suburban Special Recreation Association

Families First | La Familia Primero also staffed a photo booth for families to get a portrait in costume all together!

Toddlin’ Around Town in the Hemingway District

But that’s not all! Families were also invited to visit 23 participating businesses to spot little flying pigs, get treats and win “Golden Pig” prizes as part of Toddlin’ Around Town in the Hemingway District. Lisa, our Operations Coordinator (dressed as a Christmas tree) gave out nearly 100 little prizes and lots of treats from our office at 171 S. Oak Park Avenue. 

All the families who came out got a copy of our Early Childhood Resource Directory, which can also be found online!

If you care for a child under six or know someone who does, please share our website with them, and encourage them to follow us on social media! 

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