Dear Partner,

A caring, interactive relationship for a baby is like sunshine and water for a flower.

I want to share a beautiful example of an entire community stepping up to be welcoming to families. This past fall, a vibrant, costumed procession of children and their families marched proudly around Scoville Park with Oak Park Village President Vicki Scaman leading the way. Inside the library, 40 community partners with a focus on early learning, child development, enrichment, and maternal health, connected with families at our Early Childhood Resource Fair, and down the street 20 local businesses gave out treats and goodies. Roughly 470 children and their families attended the day’s fall festivities.

Moments like these that help us see what we can do when we think collaboratively and creatively about what comprehensive care can look like for our young children.

So far this year we have distributed nearly 7,000 informational resources – including trifolds about getting ready for kindergarten, finding an early learning program, and information about free preschool – to families. There’s still so much more that can be done to make sure families know that they are not alone on their caregiving journey. Help us ensure that no family finds us by accident.

Whether you donate to us share our information with a new family on your block, or display one of our fancy new yard signs, we are grateful for all the forms of support you are able to provide.

Ensuring that babies and young children thrive takes all of us. We’re so inspired by all that you do to make the world a little better for all of us.


Mary Reynolds, LCSW, I/ECMH-C
Executive Director
Collaboration for Early Childhood

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