Equity and Access to Preschool

All children should have access to high-quality preschool, no matter who they are. Oak Park and River Forest provide free, high-quality preschool experiences that support the development of the whole child to preschool age children whose families meet eligibility criteria such as veteran status, developmental delays, and income level.

Three agencies in Oak Park receive grants to provide state-funded Preschool for All programs: ABC Toon Town II Educational Center, Oak Park Elementary School District 97 and Oak Park River Forest Day Nursery.

To learn more about whether your child qualifies for Preschool for All, contact us.

The Publicly Funded Preschool Committee

The Collaboration leads a committee composed of the directors of the four public preschool programs to coordinate outreach and recruitment of children and families. The group has developed common recruitment materials and works together to assure proper program placement of children. The committee has identified and used multiple methods for outreach including word-of-mouth campaigns, participation in community outreach activities and a formal referral process with more than 25 social service agencies in Oak Park. 


Access to Preschool

Do you think your child may be eligible for publicly funded preschool, or do you have questions about eligibility?