Baby Bundles

Baby Bundles are sturdy canvas tote bags filled with goodies for your little one and for you! They include books, bibs, postpartum mental health resources, and more. Any parent or caregiver with a baby up to one year old can sign up to get a free Baby Bundle from us. Are you expecting? Congratulations! And yes, you can get a Baby Bundle, too.

Baby Bundles are the result of the work of our Parenting Resource Program Committee and their goal to share more resources with new and expectant caregivers. When you sign up for a Baby Bundle, we coordinate a pick up time (or delivery) that is convenient to you. Then a little while later, we check in with you to answer any questions you might have about parenting or your little one’s development.

We believe that by welcoming new and expecting parents with goodies and resources, they have the tools to be their child’s first and most important teacher. Each Baby Bundle includes a printed copy of our Early Childhood Resource Directory, which is a comprehensive list of local child care, preschool, and home-based programs as well as places for little ones to create art, music, and move their bodies. You can reference the online version of the Early Childhood Resource Directory here.

Celebrate your child’s developmental milestones and know what’s next on their growth journey from day one. Check out our Watch and Help Me Grow booklet and follow along as your child grows!

Parents/Caregivers are their child's first and most important teacher! Reach out to us to get connected to resources and supports by completing the form below.