Blast off to Kindergarten is a community-wide kindergarten readiness event that takes place on the third Sunday in May each year. All children and families who will be starting kindergarten in Oak Park are invited to celebrate the journey into a new galaxy that is not so very far away: kindergarten! 🚀

Blast off to Kindergarten is meant to celebrate our little ones, but it also will help parents and caregivers connect to parent organizations and the “Solar System of Support” that will help jump-start a smooth transition to kindergarten for everyone involved. 

The Collaboration for Early Childhood, in partnership with Oak Park Elementary District 97 and other community partners, host ‘Blast Off to Kindergarten’ annually on the third Sunday in May. 

The event features early learning programs, after-school programs, District 97 staff, school administrators and staff from Oak Park kindergarten programs, and parent teacher organizations. There are games and refreshments, community resources, a “Galactic Foam Galaxy” courtesy of the Park District of Oak Park, and a “kindergarten portal” for our future kindergarteners to pass through and “officially” enter the “kindergarten universe.” Families can pick up a map and explorer card at the “Collaboration Space Station” to help them navigate this brave new world. In 2024, Byline Bank provided “Planetary Photos” for children and their families!

Looking for more information about kindergarten, and kindergarten readiness? Visit our “Preparing for Kindergarten” webpage!

Please note that photos and video are taken at this event. If you have any questions, contact us!

Thank you to our sponsors and community partners!

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