By The Numbers

Each year, the Collaboration for Early Childhood submits a report to the IGA Government Board to shine a light on 11 outcome measures that were defined as part of the IGA’s Contract for Early Childhood Services. Through this data, we measure our impact, and learn more about the early childhood ecosystem in Oak Park and River Forest. Scroll down to explore our data through 2018. For our most up-to-date data, read our latest IGA Report.  

The Early Development Instrument Project

Another way the community has measured the success of our children is through the Early Development Instrument, also known more simply as the EDI. This was a project that covered the 2017-18 school year and was conducted in partnership with Erikson Institute to collect early childhood data in Oak Park in five key areas of development: physical health, social competence, emotional maturity, language development, and communication skills. To learn more about how Oak Park engaged the community in this data-gathering effort, read this brief overview.

The EDI has allowed us to see our community more holistically, and to make important connections that help us to focus our efforts to make the greatest impact. It also helps us to challenge and check our assumptions.

If you are interested in exploring the data gathered from the EDI Project, we recommend you start by watching the “How to Navigate the EDI Website” instructional video, then exploring the map of Oak Park. Additional documents of interest include:

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