Meet Cece and Her Friends



Sometimes, pigs do fly! 

Meet Cece. She is a preschooler in our community, and she also happens to be a pig with wings. As you visit the site to learn about our different program services areas you may notice her in her preschool classroom, or accompanying her friend during a vision screening. She is curious, thoughtful, open-minded and wonder-filled. Just like the children in our community. Cece’s best friend is a little butterfly named Hope. You will also see quite a few other characters who represent the different people we work with in our early childhood community. 

 Stork the Screener is a vision and hearing technician who checks children’s eyes and ears. You may spot her conducting a hearing screening on our Child Health & Screening page. 


Kangaroo the Caregiver does her research to be her child’s first and most important teacher. You’ll see her taking a peek at all kinds of information for parents and caregivers on our site including the Early Childhood Resource Directory, and all the Parent Resource listings. She’s also someone who loves to attend the Collaboration’s community events. 

 Ms. Lamb is Cece and Hope’s preschool teacher. She’s a lifelong learner. She looks forward to February every year when she can attend the Collaboration’s annual early childhood symposium and meet with many other preschool teachers and early childhood educators to learn new ways to support the children she teaches.

Ms. Home Visiting Bear meets with families that have children from 0 to Preschool or Kindergarten entry age in Oak Park and River Forest. She helps parents grow as their child’s first teacher, and makes sure parents are connected to the community and services they need.

Amy Huntington is the artist who created all of the Collaboration’s illustrated characters and early childhood scenes. Her images help us tell the story of our work. Learn more about Amy and see more of her illustrations and artwork. 

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