The Developmental Screening Project

The Collaboration for Early Childhood has spent over a decade designing and implementing a coordinated system of vision, hearing and developmental screening and referral for children 0-5 in our community. Since launching this program, we have partnered with local providers (23 currently) to deliver 1,500-2,000 screenings to children each year. The expansion of the Collaboration for Early Childhood’s screening work from only vision and hearing screening to now  include developmental screening began with support from a CATCH grant from the American Academy of Pediatrics. The work is called the Developmental Screening Project.

The goal of the Developmental Screening Project was to establish a sustainable, community-wide way to ensure that all young children receive developmental screening and receive any follow up supports and/or referrals as a result of those screenings.

Today, community partners who participate in this project are early childhood, pediatric, and community sites. They learn to administer developmental screening, facilitate meaningful discussions with parents and families about screening results, and support families to follow up on meeting children’s needs arising from those screenings. You can see a full list of the local partners who are a currently part of the Developmental Screening Project below:

The Developmental Referral and Services Directory is another way to create a more cohesive referral and follow-up process for physicians and other providers who are screening children to use when they believe a child may have developmental delays and need additional evaluations and or services. The Directory contains listings for Illinois Early Intervention Child and Family Connection Offices, school districts, and private developmental services.

If you are a doctor or child care professional who would like to learn more about participating in the Collaboration’s developmental screening project, please contact us.

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