Strong starts lead to bright futures!

Ensuring that babies and young children thrive takes all of us.

Thank you for choosing to support our early childhood community. By giving a gift to the Collaboration for Early Childhood, you have helped to ensure that each and every one of our children enter kindergarten ready to learn.

Ready to take your gift to the next level? Consider becoming a monthly donor. 

The Collaboration believes in the the efforts across our community to nurture young children’s health, joy, and readiness for kindergarten. We need your support to ensure that our community continues to:

  • Connect families to resources and essential social services such as financial assistance for child care and early intervention; 
  • Provide innovative professional development opportunities and personalized technical support to early learning professionals; 
  • Administer periodic hearing, vision, and developmental screenings to young children

If you would like to support the Collaboration through a donor advised fund, or corporate matching through your company, please reach out to Lisa at or call her at 708-613-6122. If you are a business owner, we would be honored to speak with you about sponsorship opportunities and additional ways we can partner with you to strengthen our early childhood community together.

Don’t Forget to Pick Up a Yard Sign!

 We have yard signs that help link families of young children to free resources. Stop by our office during business hours to pick up your own and show your support!