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Grow Your Mental Muscles, Parents! 8-Part Series


How to successfully deescalate, guide, and thrive in challenging times

This 8-part parent workshop series is FREE. Workshops are a partnership between the Collaboration for Early Childhood and Stoller Parent Coaching.

This is for you if you are truly ready:
– To stop the downward spiral of tension you are living.
– To shift the dynamics, feelings, and behaviors happening in your family.
– To strengthen the Loving Sage within you for lovingly and enjoyably raising your children into connected, fulfilled, contributing, multi-faceted flourishing adults – and to feel like one yourself!

Commit now as a gift to yourself and your family now and into the far-off future!
– View a 1-hour video each week to learn concepts – it is chunked so you can watch in 10minute doses.
– Each week for 8 weeks, attend 1.5 hour group coaching session with me and the small group of participants to deepen your learning. (The first meeting is an introduction to the app and each other. This is followed by 7 weeks of practice, including the weekly Tuesday group sessions.)
– Practice 4 2-minute exercises throughout each weekday.
– Connect during the week with other members of our group
– Easily access all these steps via an APP that guides you, has a private channel for just our group, as well as another channel for the larger community, and keeps you on track.

About Sheryl:
Sheryl Stoller, PCI Certified Parent Coach® and founder of Stoller Parent Coaching expertly helps parents navigate the challenges and enhance the rewards of parenting, equipping themselves and their children to thrive. Her extensive training, life experience as a mother of three challenging and now thriving young adult children, and her innate personal qualities combine to make her exceptional at connecting with and providing collaborative guidance for parents in personal coaching, workshops, and speaking engagements. Clients credit Sheryl with enabling them to positively transform their family life. sheryl@stollerparentcoaching.com

This workshop will not be recorded. Questions? Email: parents@collab4kids.org

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