Health & Development

Through home visiting and vision, hearing and developmental screenings, our community ensures that children are getting the resources they need to grow up healthy and to remove obstacles to learning as early as possible. Health professionals, this part of our work is for you.

Child Health and Screening

Ensuring all children birth to five receive periodic developmental screenings and that all who need assessment and services access them.

Maternal Health & Home Visiting Support

In partnership with home visiting programs and the Village of Oak Park’s Public Health Nurse, we work together to make sure families can get connected to support.

Early Childhood Mental Health Support

An Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant works with child care providers to make sure they have access to the mental health resources to equitably support the children they serve.

Practitioner Support

Providing practitioners opportunities to network around making early childhood community resources more readily available for health care professionals. 

IEP & Disabilities Resources

Although kids develop skills at different times, there are some expected age ranges for reaching these goals. Learn about developmental milestones and explore resources and interventions.

Parents/Caregivers are their child's first and most important teacher! Reach out to us to get connected to resources and supports by completing the form below.