Hope is in the Air!

This spring season, we dare to hope. It’s a feeling that is in full bloom this spring, even amid the challenges that many families in our community face.

The early childhood heroes in our community give us hope. There are so many people who believe, like we do, that every child should enter kindergarten happy, healthy, and eager to learn. You are here because you make the future bright for our children.

To the barrier-breakers, the nurturers, and the magic makers. This page celebrates YOU. Thank you for bringing hope, opportunity, and joy to our community’s 0-5 little ones.

Ready to pass it forward?

Thank You,

Early Childhood Heroes!

 Abby Giardina

Amy Huntington

 Azucena Galvez

Barb Grooms

Barbara S. Smith

Becki Streit

Bernadette Hicks

Betty Harris

Bob Hellwig

Bobby Shepelak

Bonnie Andorka

Brandon Pittman

Carollina Song

Christopher Miller

Clara E. Craft

Dawn Kelly

Deborah Wess

Denise Sacks

Dorothy Wilz

Elliot Regenstein

Emily Norman

Ellen E. Cutter

Elizabeth Chadri

Elizabeth Lippitt

Gail Shelton

Gary Mlsna

Gary Wainer

Gigi Rowe

Gina Lowell

Gordon Hellwig

Heather Duncan

Jaime Moran

Jamie Reinhart

Jason Smith

Jeff Weissglass

Jennifer Jackson

Jennifer Little

Jimmy Chen

Jo Ann Hartman

John Mayes

John Borrero

Josh Yount

Julie Stevens

Kathy Irvin

Kelly Mitchell

Krisna Morales-Chew

Kristen Quigley Coe

Laura Crawford

Leslie Watts

Libbey Paul

Lisa Ginet

Louise Gates

Lynne Palmore

Maria Tellez

Mark Smylie

Matt W. Stagner

Melody Robinson

Michelle Ahring

Mona Egger

Nora Sanchez

Pam Lawrence

Patrick D. Horsch

Penny Wallingford

Pilgrim Community Nursery School

Priscilla Sibley

Rebecca Barbato

Retta Hennessey

Rhona Taylor

Rupa Datta

Robbi Muir

Robert G. Spatz

Sandy Lang

Sara Freer

Sarah Shirk

Shannon Ellison

Shelley Harris

Sheryl Stoller

Sophie Grimes

Stephanie Kiesling

Sue Stampfly

Susan Zaruba

Tiffany Kelly

Wendy Giardina

Whitney Brooks

Zachary Rimkus