Early Childhood Mental Health Support

The Collaboration’s Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant (ECMHC) works with our community’s providers and early childhood teachers to support them in identifying social emotional and mental health concerns so that all our children have a stable and sound mental foundation for healthy growth and development.

Early childhood mental health impacts social-emotional learning, classroom learning, equity and opportunity for children. “Damien’s” story illustrates the connections between these concepts. Damien is a four-year-old participating in a local preschool program. On a recent morning, Damien was reprimanded by three different early child care providers and put into time-out twice. There is certainly a history of challenging behavior with this African-American boy. However, through these negative messages, Damien is quickly learning that he is a problem and that adults are not his allies. He will likely enter elementary school with these core beliefs and will continue to act out. But what if his care providers received coaching to help them understand social-emotional development and identify underlying factors that may be contributing to his behavior? What if they were equipped with tools to redirect him and encourage positive behavior?

The Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant seeks to accomplish those goals, so that all children have the opportunity to receive the supports they need, believe in their worth, and thrive.

The ECMHC partners with kids at early childhood center sites to perform assessments and ongoing consultation. And, to expand her impact, she also teaches educators, parents and directors about social-emotional development and coaches them through her assessment and consultation process. By providing resources to these programs that specifically serve our most at-risk children in the Village, we expand our ability to better meet the needs of all families.

If you are interested in learning more about the services of the Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant, reach out to us.

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