The Collaboration for Early Childhood is a collective impact agency in the Chicago suburbs. Our primary goal is to build the capacity of the community around us to support children under five years of age and ensure they are ready for kindergarten. We work with early childhood professionals, providers, community leaders and families to raise our community’s ability to support young families.

We are a professional agency with a big heart and an important mission. We care deeply about the work that we do, and are looking for someone who above all has a passion for impacting the lives of children. Our work is complex and thorough and our goal is to bring about real and lasting change in the community.

Are you ready to advance access to high-quality early childhood education? Are you passionate about supporting families, early childhood educators, and child health professionals in their work? Check out the opportunities below and join a team committed to ensuring that every child is ready for kindergarten.

There are no employment opportunities at this time.