Health, Development, and Financial Informational Videos for Parents/Caregivers

This video collection was created as a response to topics that parents and caregivers wanted to learn more about. They were created as a part of the Collaboration for Early Childhood’s Community Connect Project, which was made possible by a CATCH grant. Click on any video below and it will open in a new tab for you to view! You can also view the two collections here: Child Development and Family Health and Beyond Budgeting: Mastering Financial Literacy.

ASQ Walk-Through

You are your child’s first “teacher” and the expert on your child. The Ages and Stages Questionnaire gives you a clear snapshot of their abilities.

ASQ-SE2 Walk-Through

The Social Emotional questionnaire focuses on you child’s social emotional development specifically so you have a clear picture of where your child is at. 

Postpartum Adjustments

Whether this is your first child or third child, every child is different and will need an adjustment period for the family to get to “know” each other and find new life rhythms. 

Mental Health vs. Well-Being

Mental health and well being are two dynamics in life that keep us balanced, healthy, and whole.

Finding a Therapist

There are two main points to consider in your search for a therapist that is a good fit for you: your insurance and making sure your mental health provider is right for you. 

Self Care and Parenting

Anything we do deliberately with our own well being in mind can be considered self care. It is not a selfish act to practice self care! 

How Work Can Impact Mental Health & Family Life

There a reason they call it work-life balance! Managing work and family is a balancing act, but you aren’t alone.

Personal Finance and Mental Health

Financial strains aren’t good for you or your family and can lead to stress, anxiety and depression. There are ways to get back on track. 

Finance Basics in 15 Minutes

An overview of budgeting, community resources, banking tips and why credit is important. 

Creating a Budget

Learn about what a budget is and how you create one for your personal finances.

Community Resources

There are resources available to eligible families to offset costs and help them be their best. Learn more about a few of them. 

Banking Tips

An overview of best practices for personal banking. 

Why is Credit Important?

What’s credit and why does it matter? Here are ways that you can check your credit and understand how it works. 

Video Links and Resources!

This collection of one-pagers includes key take-aways from the videos as well as quick links to additional resources.

Parents/Caregivers are their child's first and most important teacher! Reach out to us to get connected to resources and supports by completing the form below.