Parenting Resource Program

The Collaboration for Early Childhood’s Parenting Resource Program (PRP) is run by the Parenting Resource Program Committee. It brings together community partners to connect families with early childhood information, resources and parenting workshops.

In other words, PRP is the collective resources and programming available for parents in our community that we are able to provide with our partners. Explore some of those resources below:

  • The Parenting Resource Program Newsletter is published monthly and includes upcoming events from around the community, quick links to parenting resources, and opportunities for family support.
  • Early Childhood Community Events: Each year the Collaboration hosts the Early Childhood Resource Fair and the Child Care Meet & Greet — places where families and caregivers can connect with the early childhood community in person.  
  • Monthly Parent Workshops: These are fun and informative ways for parents to learn new skills and connect with other parents. Topics include potty training, cooking healthy, and how to nurture a peaceful family. See what’s coming up!
  • Bundles, Bags and Other Parenting Tool Kits: With help from our Community Ambassadors, the Collaboration provides parents and caregivers goodies to support healthy development and play. New and expecting parents can request a Families First Baby Bundle, which includes onsies and wipes, as well as books, and toys. This past summer, families in local home visiting programs and children with disabilities received Activity Kits. Around Halloween, parents can also request a ‘Boo Bag’
  • The Parent Resource Library: The Collaboration has curated a wide array of places to play, dance, sing, swim, and make art. Parents can also explore community playgroups and much more.
  • Child Development: The first five years of your child’s life are the most important to develop lifelong skills needed to be successful. Learn more about developmental milestones with our publication, Watch and Help Me Grow. 

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