Photo Policy

The Collaboration as an organization seeks to celebrate our community of early childhood educators, program directors, parents & caregivers with young children, service providers, and health professionals. One way we do this is through sharing photos and stories of people just like you on our communication channels. 

We have an active online presence via our website and our social media platforms. We also have a variety of email newsletters that we send out to subscribers, and print materials such as our Impact Report that we share with our supporters, and early childhood care and education resources for families. While we seek to highlight the stories and experiences of young children and those who care for them here in our community at our public events and public community events that we attend, we also are responsive and respectful to requests for privacy and will adhere to those requests to our full ability. This is the process we use to ensure all photos are taken and shared with consent. 

All events that the Collaboration for Early Childhood attends or hosts that will be photographed will have a sign clearly displayed that says the following: 

We will be taking photos and videos at this event to share in the Collaboration for Early Childhood’s communications. If you have any questions or concerns, or would prefer not to be photographed, please let us know. 

If the event is hosted by the Collaboration for Early Childhood, additional messaging about photo/video will be communicated in event detail information for participants to be aware of when they RSVP to attend. Further precautions will be taken in the following instances: 

  1. At small public events hosted by the Collaboration that involve young children – In addition to notification about photos being taken, Collaboration staff will ask for your verbal permission before taking a photo of you or your family. 
  2. At large public events hosted by the Collaboration that involve young children – In addition to visible signage, families will have the opportunity to opt out of having their photo taken by speaking with a Collaboration staff member who will take precautions to ensure that they are fully removed from all photos that may have inadvertently been taken of them during a large-scale event.
  3. At early learning programs or health centers that we may visit or highlight – We will ensure that a photo release form is on file for all children that we take or use a photo of. You can reference our photo release form here

Names of children photographed will never, ever be shared. The Collaboration will do our due diligence to ensure that we protect your privacy within the photographs that we take at our public events, but it should be noted that we cannot be responsible for others who photograph a public event in a public space. 

Our door is always open. If you change your mind about a photo that we shared and would like us to remove it from our website or social media at any time, please email Sophie Grimes, Communications Coordinator at You can also reach out to Sophie with any questions about our policy!