A Year of Story Walks!

Are you here because you scanned a QR Code on a story walk display? Scroll down to find the the story you are exploring and click on the book cover to find more information and activities.

Story Walks are a selection of interactive children’s book displays that will pop up at community events and can be used as a teaching tool at early childhood programs in Chicago’s Western Suburbs. Each story selected will explore themes that spark conversations about bias and being anti-bias.

Logo for the 2021 Early Childhood Symposium

We Move Together!

“Whether we are by ourselves, or surrounded by many, our small movements can turn into big movements. We celebrate. We make change.”

Our Skin: A First Conversation About Race

“Just by looking at someone, we can’t tell who they are on the inside. But sometimes people try to anyway.”

About the Year of Story Walks

The Story Walks project is made possible by a 2022 Faculty Innovation Fund from Erikson Institute. Samina Hadi-Tabassum, a Professor at Erikson Institute, is leading the project in partnership with the Oak Park Public Library, the Collaboration for Early Childhood and a small team of Erikson graduate students. The goal is to offer an additional way for early childhood educators across the diverse communities of Chicago’s western suburbs to explore anti-racist and anti-bias concepts with young children in a celebratory and interactive way. Each of the stories selected as part of the Story Walks project explore an aspect of identity, diversity, justice, or activism that sparks an understanding and discussion of how to be anti bias from a very early age. We are grateful to the team at the Oak Park Public Library for their partnership and expertise in this project.

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